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The Witches Homepage

The Witches Homepage

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Welcome to The Witches Homepage

Hello, to all those who are witches, wiccans, those who are just starting out and also to those who are just curious. If you are curious, then you have taken your first step by visiting my site. On this website, you will, hopefully, learn as much as you can about witchcraft!

This site is a place where you can go to for help with your witchcraft probelms. If what you are looking for is not here, then dont hesitate to contact me on my "Contact page" of the site.

I have entered some new things like gemstones and recomendations for books on to the site. Visit this and tell me what you think by contacting me, or writing in the guestbook before you leave!

If your interests lye in divination, try looking at the 'Tarot' section of the page. It gives you details on how to start off with your deck. Later, each card will be shown with the meanings of the card. This has yet to be completed, but take a look nonetheless.

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