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Candle Rituals

Candle magic has ben around for centuries. Candle spells can be used for either black or white magic. This type of magic can usually be done indoors or outdoors. If you will be burning a piece of paper for example, you might want to go outside! If its just doing a spell with the light of candles, then it can be done inside.

To overcome a bad habit
You will need, an alter or a special place, your 2 alter candles, incense, 4 white candles, 1 black candle.
Light alter candles 1 and 2,
Light incense (preferably Frankincense) and sit for a moment thinking of the bad habit slowly fading away and being overcome by good.
Light the black candle, and say:
Here is that which holds me back.
It is not good for me and well do i know it.
It seems a mighty giant that is not to be conqured.
Yet do I know that not to be so, for conquer I will.
Light the white candles and say:
Here is my stregth; here is my courage;here is my fortitude; here is my vistory.
Now is mine enemy surrounded.
Now knows he not which way to turn.
The battle doth begin, yet is the end well known.
Picture in your mind the forces of good advancing, marching on the enemy (the bad habit). After a few moments of this say, quietly:
Star of the twilight grey,
Where wast thou blinking?
When in the olden day,
Eve dim was sinking?
'O'er knight and baron's hall,
Turrent, and tower,'O'er fell and forest tall,
Green brake and bower.
Star of the silver eve,
What hast thou noted,
While hast thou floated?
'Blue blades and bonnet gear,
Plaids lightly dancing,
Lairs of the dun deer,
And shafts dimly glancing.'
Star of the maiden's dream,
Star of the gloaming,Where now doth blink thy beam,
When owls are roaming?
'Where in the baron's hall
Green moss is creeping,
Where o'er the forest's fall
Grey dew is weeping.'
Star of the even still,
What now doth meet thee,
When from the lonely hill
Looks thy blink sweetly?
'Hearths in the wind bleached bare,
Roofs in the earth smouldered,
Sheep on the dun deer's lair,
Trees felled and mouldered.'
After a few moments more of picturing the bad habit finally overcome, extinguish the candles;-black first, then white (from the last one you lit, the the firt one you lit).
At the same time seven days later, repet the ritual but first move white candles 2 and 3 an inch in towrds the black. Repeat weekly until the two whites touch the black.

To bring pressure on an enemy
You will need your 2 alter candles, incense, 2 grey candles, 1 green/yellow candle, 1 purple candle and 1black candle.
Light the alter candles. Light the incense. Light the black candle and say:
Here stand mine enemy, all alone.
He is without friend, without help.
(Name) i pity thee.
Soon will you pay for tormenting me.

NOTE: There will be more candle rituals still to come, so check back every so often if you are interested!