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Witches Sabbats

Witches throughout the world celebrate religious times throughout the year like every other religion. The religious 'holidays' occur on what we call the wheel of the year. This name basically means what it says, its a wheel that represents the year on which our holidays are plotted around evenly.
There are eight holidays around the wheel of the witches sabbats. These times are solely associated with the natural clock of the earth, where at certain times we celebrate the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth.
February 2nd - This celebration is called candlemas or oimelc.
April 30th - This celebration is called Walpurgiis night or Beltaine.
August 2nd - This celebration is called Lammas or Lughnasadh.
October 31st - This celberation is called Halloween or Samhain.
The other types of celebrations are called equinoxes.
March 21st - This celebration is the vernal equinox.
June 21st - This celebration is called the summer equinox.
September 21st - This celebration is called the winter equinox.
December 21st - This celebration is called the winter equinox.
These sabbats are times of great celebration for witches, involving sacred rituals, feasting, dancing and other forms of celebration that may go on for days!

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