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Tarot cards are one of the most popular type of divination that is sold on the modern day market these days.Tarot cards, pronounced ta-ro, is a specialized set of cards that has a very long history. Some say that the idea came from Egyptian civilization. A tarot deck is similar to an ordinary pack of playings cards. Both have four suits numbered from ace to ten. These are known as the Minor Arcana. They are seperated in to four suits; Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.In addition to the Minor cards, the Tarot deck has twenty-two 'extra' cards known as the Major Arcana. These do not belong to any suit, but have their own numbers, with the exception of the fool; a symbolic image and title.If when doing a reading, more Minor cards occur than Major cards then your destiny is mostly in your hands. If it is the other way around, fate controls your future.


How to start
The first way to start, is to become familiar with your cards. Get to know the pictures, shuffle then alot, carry them about with you, even sleep with then by your bed so that they absorb personal energies and beome uniquely yours.Many people keep their cards wrapped in black silk and/or in a wooden box. The important thing is to remember that the cards are your alone, and should be special to you. Others should not be allowed to play with your cards or even pick them up without your permission. It is also said that you should not let anyone read them. Once you have begun the process making your pack of Tarot cards individual to you, you can start to proactise reading them.

More information about tarot cards will be given soon. Come back to the site when it has been updated and check it out!


The Fool
The Fool is an unnumbered card. It can replace any of the other cards. The fool is the spirit of chaos and of the unexpected. It is also a card of innocence and the simple joy of living.
Meaning: Nothing can harm you, whatever you do! Take a risk. The start of a new chapter in life. Expect the unexpected.
Revered meaning: Folly, madness. Look before you leap!


The Magician
This figure represents a travelling entertainet and a showman, a common character in medievil Europe. Whenever he appears in the cards you can be sure that the old adage of "The quickness of the hand deceives the eye" is coming in to play. Always number one, the magician is at centre stage and in the spotlight.
Meaning: Generally, the card shows new beginnings, the start of a new cycle, a sence of purpose, willpower and initiative. The Magician is a card of potential showing the importance of a new enterprise.
Reverse Meaning: Trickery and deception are the negative face of The Magician. Be careful in whom you place your trust.


The High Priestess
The High Priestess, or Female Pope, is shown as a wise woman dressed in blue robes reminiscent of the Virgin Mary or of a nun. Her robes are patterned with pomegranates suggesting the mystery of life and death. It is also a symbol of virginity.
Meaning: When the High Priestess appears in the cards a secret is about to be revealed. Often the card shows a strong feminine influence, and in a man's reading it can represent the most important woman in his life. The card shows mystic power, psychic ability and the unconscious mind. It relates to memory and intuition. Rely on instincts.
Reverse Meaning: Delay all plans, because there are hidden obstacles or enemies. Be discreet.


The Empress
The Empress is the third numbered card in the Major Ancana. The number three is indictive of synthesis and harmony, childbirth and maternal productivity. Her crown is surmounted by twelve stars representing the signs of the zodiac. She has been called "the star-crowned smpress, herself the morning star".
Meaning: This card points to abundance, material and domestic comfort, security and protection. It is obviously a maternal card so may indicate childbirth, motherhood, nurturing, reassurance and a firm foundation for the future progress. The card is associated with springtime.
Reverse Meaning: Being over-protective and tyrannical, emotional blackmail and perhaps poverty. Possibly problems in pregnancy.


The Emperor
The Emperor, a regal man in middle age, exudes confidence and accomplishment. Crowned and dressed in ornate robes, he surveys a barren domain. At his feet is a shield bearing the device of an imperial eagle, symbol of worldly power and aspiration. Only one side of his face is seen. This suggests that the Emperor is only concerned with one side of life. In a woman's reading, this card can show an important man with peternal overtones.
Meaning: High honour, the achievement of ambition. It may show an influential man whose help may be required. It is the card of bosses and people in authority. The Emperor represents a man in control in any given situation or problem. To a woman, he may represent her husbank or father.
Reversed Meaning: Tyrannical attitudes and the abuse of power. Ambitions unfulfilled and a craving for status.


The Pope
The Pope is the mail counterpart of the High Priestess (card II). But whereas she is concerned with intuitive wisdom, the Pope is more connected with concept of moral law. This card, like The Emperor, is connected with fatherhood. This time, though, the power is not worldly, but spiritual. The triple cross and three-tiered crown featured in the card represent the divine intellectual and physical worlds. In Christian terms, they shows the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Meaning: The Pope symbolizes a wise and capable advisor, forgiveness and comfort, the influence of established faith and the power of the conscious mind. The Pope could represent a teacher and rules to get along by. The card following could offer advice.
Reverse Meaning: Bad advice, bewilderment and confusion. A crisis of faith and disorderly conduct. More positively, making one's own rules without reference to what has gone before.


The Lovers
This card obviously refers to strong emotions, a choice of the heart that cannot be made logic alone. In older packs this card often showed a young man who had to make a decision between two women while cupid hovered above aiming his dart. In some packs, it shows, hidden in the tree of knowledge and Life, the serpant of temptation. The card represents the power of the human heart, the power of attraction and a need to listen to one's desires and a deep emotional nature.
Meaning: A decisive point has been reached. An important choice must be made with reference to true desires rather than duty. A dramatic change of attitude will lead to happier times. Love, reconciliation and physical pleasures. A happy relationship in personal life or in business.
Reverse Meaning: An unhappy love affair, a failure to make up one's mind, unwelcome seperation and emotional loss.


The Chariot
A crowned conqueror stands erect in a chariot that has four columns and a lucuriant canopy. The chariot is drawn by two sphines symbolizing the mystery of the future as well as positive and negative forces that draw us through our lives. There is one word of warning implied here though. A slave would stand behind the conqueror whispering "Look not so proud for the gods are jealous". In other words, it is vital not to become so flushed with success as to become arrogant, as some Roman eperors found to their cost.
Meaning: Victory, conquest over difficult odds. The force of destiny which drives one to achievee great things. Travel, movement generally, renwed optimism and motivation. Be self-reliant and you will gain success. Also unexpected good news.
Reverse Meaning: Being out of control, arrogance and bad temper. Travel plans that go wrong. Temporary delays and frustration.


The crowned figure of Justice is often seen seated between pillars representing mercy and punishment. In her hands, she holds the balance and sword. Her face is resolute and firm in conviction. She wears no blindfold, so she sees all the facts, and so does not permit temptation or envy to misguide her. The justice card suggests the ignorance of the law is no more excuse in the courts of life then in the courts of men. Laws must be studied and obeyed if the penalties for transgressing them are to be avoided.
Meaning: Good judgement, success in all legal affairs. A decision will go your way. Signing of contracts, unity, balance and harmony. The righting of a wrong. An advantageous business proposal.
Reversal Meaning: Injustice, bad judgement and decisions goin against you. Legal matters will not go well. Misguided advice.


The Hermit
An old bearded man in a monk's habit holds up a lmap to light his way in the darkness. He leans upon a staff. The modd of this card is one of lonliness and fear of the dark, each footstep must be placed with care, for the Hermit does not know his way. The card points to re-evaluation. The Hermit is an old man who looks back on his past and realizes that there must be more than this. He knows next to nothing of the greater reality and fears of his own ignorance. However, the Hermit does show willingness to remedy that ignorance and gives the patience and discipline required to utilize past experience and old leassons to make the most out of the future.
Meaning: The card may stand for caution, patience, old age and experience. A prudent attitude is advised, so sudden cources of action are not the wisest at this time. A realization that there is always something new to learn. This is a warning against thoughtless actions.
Revered Meaning: Impatience, loneliness and obstinacy. Do not disregard advice from older and wiser folk.


The Wheel Of Fortune
The Wheel Of Fortune was a medieval symbol od the vanity of man and of earthly power. It is found as far back as Ancient Greece as the spinning wheel of three goddesses known as the Fates. Traditional sayings associated with the card are concerned with the beasts and with the wheel itself. The Shinx at the top says "I rule", the serpant "I have ruled", and the dog "I will rule". The wheel itself is "Without rule", since the power of the Fates exceeded that of the gods themselves. When the wheel is reveresed, the meaning of the saying "Life is a lottery" becomes very obvious indeed.
Meaning: A 'turn for the better', the end result of past actions and the workings of destiny, which no one can completely understand. An end to current problems and some marked strokes of luck.
Reversed Meaning: Bad luck and unpleasant surprises. Remember that the wheel will turn in your favous eventually.


The strength card shows a woman in the act of opening a lion's mouth. To attempt such a thing is obviously indictative of courage and fortitude, especially since the lady is wearing no protection. However, this is an act she accomplishes with gental firmness, leaving the lion in no doubt as to her determination. This card is a good indication of recovery from illness or other difficulties. It may describe a situation that must be reacted to bravely even though you are afraid. Resolute action and a willingness to stand up for what is right no matter what the consequences are shown by the card.
Meaning: Physical strength, courage defeating mean attitudes and hatred. You will triumph over your enemies. If ill health has been experienced, then radpid improvement will occur. A fight for fair play.
Reversed Meaning: Cowardice, loss of nerve. Giving in, or being beaten by unfair means. You must overcome your own fears.


The Hanged Man
The Hanged Man is one of the strangest cards in the Tarot. A man hanging upside down from a branch or scaffold, who doesn't seem to mind. The key to the figure lies in the mans expression, which is of pleasure, exactly the opposite of what one would expect. This is the central theme of the card - a reversal of the expected.
Meaning: A temporary pause in life. Go with the flow and accept the changes that are occuring. Cultivate patience. Perhaps you have to sacrafice something so something grreater can be gained. Rarely, the Hanged Man can mean illness. You may feel that you are walking a tightrope for a while because events around you will make you feel very uncertain.
Reversed Meaning: Selfishness is holding you back. Manipulation, especially emotional blackmail. Perhaps you are playing the martyr.


The image here in the common one of the Grim Reaper. This is the skull face of fate at its harshest to which all humanity is subject. In many Tarot card decks, Death is depicted wearing a full suit of armour. The symbol of Death as an armed warrior is taken from the Book of Revelation Chapter 5: "Behold a pale horse and his name was death, and hell forward after him". The skeleton symbolism shows that the inner self (the skeleton) is the most durable part of the physical self.
Meaning: Transformation, change which is a blessing in disguise. A clearing out which will make way for somrthing better. Harsh fate which does not concider persoanl feelings. Very, very seldom does  this card signify death;more usually it means a major change in life.
Reversed Meaning: An enforced change, a removal of something that should have been given up. The loss of a friendship.

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