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Opening Psychic Channels

You cannot put water into an already full jug any more than you can overfill those plastic bin bags rubbish is thrown away in. If you overload the receptacle it overflows or breaks open spilling the contents.

Think of your mind as a receptacle. All you day you fill it with images, impressions, sounds, facts, figures and new data. Long after the incoming messages have been received your mind continues to process and separate each strand of information. Your brain is busy sifting through the daily input and even when you feel be ready to receive psychic visions or commune with the other world, you simply cant.

Emptying the mind of mundane earthly matters can be achieved by a regime of cleansing and meditation. Different methods benefit different users. Relaxation may be enough for the purposes of reaching a calm state in which you can receive psychic or spiritual wisdom but the practitioner of positive influence will need to do much more to attain levels of concentration and power over their brain functions enabling the emission of their own thoughts to commune with and influence their spirituality.

Meditation is best practiced on a less than full stomach, but not in a state of hunger. Forego toxic foods laden with chemical compounds and strive to eat a varied diet of natural vegetables, fruits, natural carbohydrates and light meats. Dairy products like eggs, cheese, full cream milk and foods containing these such as chocolate, refined sugars, carbonated drinks or processed meals will inhibit the blood circulation that oxygenates the brain. Neither is it likely that the person who eats too little food for balanced nutrition will be successful in psychic endeavours.

Begin your regime by isolating yourself from the outside world. Seek solitude, silence and soft light or darkness. Breathe regularly and deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. Relax from the tips of your fingers and toes, slowly and methodically willing each limb and muscle to be still. Focus on your inner self, closing your eyes to block outside influences. If you prefer you may have a spoken mantra or chant to repeat rhythmically whilst you focus your gaze on one object or totem till you achieve a state of total inner calm.

Having reached your desired level of detachment, build your concentration on the purpose of your meditation. Do you wish to find solutions to a problem? Perhaps you are looking for a strategy to achieve a new goal. You may be trying to obtain a particular thing of value and wish to find a way to bring it into your possession. Whatever it is you should never use this state of energy to enact evil or deprive another person of something or someone you desire for yourself. By doing so you will encourage evil influences to enter your karmic state and give them power over you.

If you are in a truly divine meditative state then the words to ask for your desire or inspiration will come easily. If you are seeking to bind spells the incantation may not be revealed immediately. You may have to return to normal consciousness and then find that within a day or so you enjoy a vision or enlightenment that will give you the necessary formula to bring about the magic you hope for.

Having transcended earthly consciousness you will need to return to your usual earthly state without causing your mind or body trauma. You can do this by retreating slowly by a process of regenerating your body in the reverse order to that which you relaxed. Do not expect that your mind will be filled with all the answers to your quest on your return to total consciousness. Wait, be patient, remain quiet and aware and the solutions will be revealed.



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