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Up until recently, I never thought that gemstones did anything. Now I have learned that you can use them for most magic. They can be used for many things in maigc such as health, luck, love and power. Below are some stones and a description of them and what they can be used for.



Amethyst: A deep purple stone to pale lavender. This stone is excellent for relieving anger, stress and depression. It relieves isomnia, wards off nightmares and brings prophetic dreams. Its many magical purposes also include love, self confidence, freedom from addictions, healing and spiritual guidance.


Apache tear: This is a translucent black stone that is commonly carried for good luck, this stone also works well for efforts of protection and divination.


Calcite, orange: This is a yellow orange stone in colour. It is an amplifier and magnifies any magical vibration it comes in cotact with.


Citrine: A Golden yellow to rusty brown coloured stone. Its used for creativity purposes, artistic endeavours, promoting inspiration and ideas, as well as for relief from nightmares and escape from the feeling of being overwhelmed.


Fluorite: A blue, clear, purple or green stone in colour. It is commenly known as the "students stone", the vibrations of fluorite enhance study efforts, mental ability and knowledge retention.


Hematite: A silvery black stone in colour. It is born of iron ore, this stone is an excellent "grounder" for those who have no outlet for their excess energy. Use it to increase personal magnetism, to promote "invisibility" and to enhance magical efforts involving battle, healing and protection.


Opal: A iridescent white with multi-coloured "lights". Though many people consider it to be ubnlucky, opal actually improves good fortune when it givin in love.. Called "The Stone of Karma", this stone works well for remembering previous incarnations and their lessons. Because opal contains all colours of the spectrum, it may be programmed and used for spellwork of any type.


Quartz, Clear: Clear quartz is the most common stone used in magic. Programmed properly, it can be used alone for any magical purpose or added to other stones to amplify their properties.


Quartz, Rose: A pink stone in colour. This quartz is most used for efforts of love and romance and is excellent for promoting self-love. It is also said to cure acne if rubbed on the face.



Sodalite: A deep blue colour with white veins. This stone vibrates to spiritual plane. Effectivness as a healing tool for fear, anxiety and stress, it is also useful in meditation and the contact of spirit guides.



Tigers eye: This stone can be seen in several colours. The picture above shows a gold tigers eye. The name is given because of the unusual stripes that can be seen if tilted. It is a rare form of quartz and the stones use is for luck.


Unakite: A peach and green stone in colour. Use this stone to find the beauty in life and circumstance, especially when things seem gloomiest. It is also an excellent stone to use for undercover deception.